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It's Monday again. The national worst day of the week. But somehow I seem to like it. Bittersweet feelings though because it's not as if I look forward to Mondays, in fact 95% of the time, like everyone else I'm always complaining the night before as to how I don't want Sunday to end, How I wish Monday's could be eliminated forever, blah blah blah. But once, I open my eyes (Thank you Jesus) it's like I always have this new energy, this new determination. Sort of like "well it's here so better deal with it with Joy if you want to have a good week" type of mentality. So...*beep beep beep*

Ugh that flipping message tone or whatever they call it, I don't even know how to change it.
But I'm rushing, as usual, so I quickly glance to see if its important enough for me to drop my shoes and stop for a split second, which I don't have!

Ah it is o! It's Suni. (Pronounced Sue-Nee).

See whenever Suni texts me its important. VERY. Because the girl doesn't know the difference between delete and enter. She's so not computer literate, I had to pay her to get a cellphone. Imagine? So you can see how highly important & probably urgent it is that she took the time to try and understand her contraption of a cellphone to text me. I drop my shoes and open the text message.

"abCal me."

Lol.... Suni. You won't kill me.

She's on speed dial so it only takes another split second that I don't have to call her while I try to complete the task of wearing my shoes.

"So, you mean to say "abcal me" is all you could get into a simple text? Are you an illiterate? Oh yea, you failed English..."

"Don't let me scratch your tongue Yale"
She sound's a little bit, not herself... but then again its Suni, Mrs.drama queen.

"Always so vicious...see, make this quick, I'm running late"
Don't worry I'm not being rude, you have to handle Suni with a strict fist if not...she will just do you wayo.

"Ok, obviously you don't have the time to see if I'm OK or not so just meet me for lunch at 3"
Can you see? She's already trying to manipulate me...

"Are you pregnant or dying?"
2 very serious issues that can make me appear at her heels before yesterday.

"You're a, but we really need to talk this afternoon, serious stuffs"
Mhmn Suni, very serious.

"So this is why you raised alarm? See don't be texting me for foolishness at critical hours! Ok, then see you at 2"

"Bye binch.. you're buying"
Suni won't kill me sha!

So now I'm all shoe'd up and ready to roll for work.
Where the hell are my keys?


Tim Horton chairs disgust me. And I hate waiting. Where is this heifer? It's 3:05 already!

No way... it's can't be. There is only one person that can say my name like it's his last breath. Shafa.

I take my time to compose myself before I turn.

" must be my lucky day" I see he was still very easy on the eyes.

"And mine, my unlucky...." this is not a joke


So Shafa is my ex-something. We never really dated, but we were an item. Briefest story of what happened: We had our little shenanigans and I realized, not to anyones surprise, that that was all I ever was. Shenanigans!....

"Ahaha! You got jokes right..."

"Wassup Shafa" I made it a point to look at my watch and obviously scan the room for that bofun who's tardiness has now put me in this VERY unwanted situation.

"Are you waiting for someone.." He was looking at me again. See there's a way Shafa looks at me that makes me feel he's inside me head. Its very unnerving. I look away.

"As a matter of fact... yes." No sign of stupid Suni yet, a quick glance at my watch lets me know its 3:10 now.

"You're still as impatient as ever I see..." What was THAT meant to mean?

"Yes Shafa, waiting for no reason still pisses me off" He laughs, but he's still piercing me with those eyes.

"What?" I swear if Suni does not show up in the next 30seconds she's toast when I see her.

"You're looking good Yale" why did I just blush?

"Did you expect different" from the corner of my I see that mongrel waltz in like the whole world was waiting for her. She spots me and Shafa very quickly. Apparently when we are together it's very obvious.

"Shaaaaafffyyyyy" I swear, if I could mute the binch.
Suni and Shafa were, are good friends.

"Are you terrorizing Yale with your good looks ?" Oh God, give me restraint, help my anger Lord!

"Suni?? No way! You're still short ? You refused to grow ba!"

"Free me, I'm not the one competing with mount Everest" Shafa is 6'3.

"So this is who you were almost breaking the floor waiting for?"

"I'm sure you can understand my impatience now" I really would love for this happy-let's catch up- conversation to end now. Shafa was not on my "people to see" list today..or EVER. If wishes were horses.

"Oh come off it, I couldn't find my keys"

"As usual" me and Shafa said together.
We all laughed, you would not have known Shafa was the last person I wanted to see. And he rally was.

"Well as much as I'd like to sit and chat with you beautiful ladies" So why did he have to look at me like that when he said it "I have to jet. Gotta make that paper so I can pay Yale's bride price"

"Haha! Very funny Shafa"

Suni was quick to whine about our "unbearable loss" "Ohhhh Shaffy! it's not fair, ok, call me later o..."

"Will do..Bye Yale"

"See ya."

I'm trying not to stare after him, but God damn the devil to hellfire the boy is hot.

"Please buzz me when you get back to earth"

"Sorry jo. First off.. you're a horses ass for keeping me waiting, secondly make this quick I need to get back to work, some of don't live off of daddy's money."

"Can I at least buy a coffee?"



I don't like when Suni becomes serious...seriously. "What happened?"

"You mean who happened..."

"Ok..?" She adjusts her self and puts her hands on the table.

"Toba proposed."
That's when the gleam of the HUGE rock on her finger caught my eye.


komi said…
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT......NICE fery fery nice......drama in ottawa...komi
~Butterfly~ said…
lol, online soap opera, ingenious!
As for me, and my amebo romance loving self, I want to see FINE ASS Shafa get with Yale. Hawt Hawt Hawt... Gimme more. more. more. more... ok let me stop.

I like it.
Gee said…
im guessin this story is true yeah???
'Secret said…
lol. Yeah, so I think I'm hooked... "I swear I could mute the binch." lol. Thumbs up!
Jaycee said…
I've finally started at the very beginning, and I'm liking this suspense already. Now, who is Toba?

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